Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happiest Day, Happiest Place!

For the first time ever, we spent Christmas in California. That was a first for me to ever be away from my family on Christmas Eve and Day. But turns out we had a great time! The wheather wasn't so great, a bit rainy and cold, but we decided to stay a few more days and the wheather only got warmer. NOTHING like having a palm tree for a Christmas tree.
This is Odilie, her daughter Isabell, Eva and I.
This is Grandma Alicia and Eva on Christmas Eve.
This is us with Aunt Anna.
This was Christmas morining, and Eva's First. We spent Christmas morning the the hotel, so we had no Christmas tree but she won't remember right?

As part of my Christmas gift, Jo surprised me by taking us to Disneyland. We went the day after Christmas, and it was hella busy. But fun, we actually made it on alot of rides. This was also Eva's first time to Disney, first of many I should say. Christmas is my favorite time of year and Disneyland is my favorite place be.
This is the huge Christmas tree and the top of Main Street. We held her up to it because the ornaments were as big as she was.
This is Eva's very first picture with Mickey. Its not the best picture because we waited in line to see him but the people in front of us were taking FOREVER! So we didn't get our time with him! So as he walked away he stopped for a split second and Jo snapped a quick picture as I held her up to him. Its a good first memory.
This is the perfect Christmas gift. Jazzy got this for Christmas. Jazzy is JO's niece. Isn't it a perfectly ugly face to love!
Jo's nephew Freddy and little brother Keven.

This is a picture of Jose and his best buddies.His brothers and cousins.

Jose, James, and Wolf.