Wednesday, August 31, 2011

newborn baby boy

joey dean june 4, 2011

1 week old

2 weeks old

photos by Angela Riley Photography

Saturday, August 20, 2011

joey dean, blessed august 7, 2011

jose was so excited to bless his baby boy. on this day, with the power of the priestood, he was able to bless him with the name of Jose Dean Enriquez. daddy couldn't have been more proud. great grandma and grandpa james

nielson family

my brother jon

grandma and grandpa bonnett


enriquez/perez family

enriquez girls + one enriquez boy

nana and the grandkids

Teenage status

isa turned 13 this year, and is now officially a teenager. thats all the needs to be said. my husband is getting old!

Flamming Gorge 2011

the day before my family left to the gorge, we decided to join in. our last minute decision was due to joey only being 5 weeks old. we only went for the weekend but i'm glad we got to go even just for a few days. the thing about flamming gorge is you have to beat the storm, so we went out about 7:30 in the morning to ski and wakeboard. flamming gorge water is COLD anyway, but lets add early morning to that. my dad squeezed into a medium size wet suit to beat the freeze, let me say that again, a medium and he wears XL t-shirts. it was cold but thats flamming gorge

Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating the 4th

we started celebrating the 4th with the traditional Childrens Parade eva jane sporting her shades, and coco
isa and ciara

anna and lucas

she just recently got her bike for her birthday and hated it! we practiced a few days before the parade, and she was riding all by her self. proud of her!

Ballon festival

eva jane and aunt shanna

lucas, eva jane, ela may

know this, this is a love/hate relationship, at this moment it was pure love!

eve and me (still wearing baby fat :)

joey dean quite liked the ballon launch

grandma james and joey dean at the james early morning breakfast

eva jane, allison, kaitlyn (my brothers girls down from idaho, she loved playing with them)

lastly, the bonnett picnic after the parade

digging for money in the saw dust, been a tradition for years done by my grandpa bonnett

wesley miller 1 week old, joey dean 4 weeks old. crazy how fast they grow.

all the grandkids born this year in the bonnett/miller family