Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jose {Joey} Dean Enriquez

the day started out as a celebration of this young ladies 3rd birthday, and ended with this, at 11:06 pm...............
introducing our newest edition
Jose {Joey} Dean Enriquez Jr
6 lb 2 oz
19 in long
just days before, i had a little pep talk with this little man about not coming on this particular weekend, we (i) had made a deal that he would come that next wednesday. but the lord wanted to remind me that i was not the one in charge. i was trying to avoid having eva jane's and his birthday be the same, and i had said this from the beginning of my pregnancy. i thought "hey there are 30 days in june, there is no way he will come on this one day." but i was defenatly set straight! arriving almost 3 1/2 weeks early he arrived on

June 4, 2011,

exactly 3 years later than my other baby.

as much as i wanted to avoid him arrival on this exact date, i'm so happy to say he is here and we are blessed to have his sweet spirit here with us, as a part of our family. he puts a a smile on my face, even in the early morning hours.

taking a peek at her new baby brother

this is his very first weigh in of many, as according to my husband, he WILL be a wrestler

fresh out of the oven in my arms, instead of my belly. much easier to breathe!

proud father! this is an understatement, Jo has been waiting for this little man for a long time. as soon as we found out we were having a boy, he wanted a reassurance everytime we had an ultrasound. as soon as he arrived, we were assured all appendages were in tact. in disussion for a name, my husband took the opportunity to give him his name, for this may be his only son. not to mention, he is his spitting image, hair, eyebrows, and all.

his eyes were open right away

take notice of his dimple on his right cheek, daddy all the way.
pre-bath he appeared to have curly hair and black peach fuzz all over his back and shoulders.

post- bath his haired turned stick straight, but the black peach fuzz had remain!

my favorite part.....his hair.

taking the roll of big sister

great grandma james

great grandpa james

clinton {DEAN} james

making daddy proud by starting on his tan, and trying to rid of his jaundice

and enjoying his first bath