Friday, May 15, 2009

Living in TWILIGHT!

For all those Bella and Edward lovers, I made it to the home of TWILIGHT! Jose was on a business trip in Washington state, and decided to make a va-ca out of it for me. Its just how I imagined it, the sun was shining every where else in Washington that day, except for in Forks.

Welcome to Forks, Wa. The town is only about an arm stretch wide. Its tiny, and in the last two months they have recieved over 7,000 people alone for Twilight.
Bella's red truck. We asked for directions to the Chamber of Commerce and the lady said, "Its the last building on the left, Bella's truck is parked there, you can't miss it!" Twilight is there life here now! There is a picture of Edward and Bella in every business window.
The little sign says "Home of the Swan's". This is just how i imagined her house when I read the book.
This is the Cullen's home. It actually looks like Bella's home in the movie.
Charlie's cop car.
This reserved Dr. Cullen sign is really at the Community Hospital. I tell you, everyone is involved.Before we even got to Forks, and the only way to get there, you have to catch a ferry. We had to be there an hour early so we were taking some fun pictures to kill some time. Jo is catching a few waves, well...ripples.
This was the ferry we caught to cross the bay. This is actually a small ferry and only a single decked, others are double decked and carry triple the number of cars.
This was while we were on the ferry.
Port Angeles!

We stayed in Port Angeles one night. It is a beautiful and quiet town. We ate at a resturant right on the bay the night we stayed called Downriggers and ate fresh fish and shrimp.

This is the view from our Hotel room.
This is the Hotel we stayed in, with a view from the pier.
This was a store in Port Angeles, the picture with Edward, they have this whole meadow set up in the display window that you can lay down with him and take pictures. I didn't have the guts to do it. After hiting all the hot spots in Port Angeles from the book (not pictured) we headed for forks which highlighted earlier but here are some fun pics.
This is my Edward! We stopped on the side of the road to catch a few pictures.
These last two are just pictures of beautiful scenes from our drive. The picture of this beach looks just like La Push, but its not of course. We ran out of time and its the only place in the book we didn't make it to.