Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pirates Cove, Living in the life of the Rich and Famous.

This is Pirates Cove. It is the property of the owner of Nuskin. It has approximatley 25 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. 2 water slides, 3 pools, 4 total houses, and one big obsession with pirates. The owner loves pirates, so it completely decked out with pirate stuff. Amazing place! We only stayed for two nights, but I could have stayed there all summer. It was beautiful,........ oh the life of the rich and famous.
Bruin till he dies. Loving on Marilyn.Jo looks just like popeye here. Look at the resemblance in the nose.
You can't see very well, but there were dead people hanging below us.The whole property had these really old tall cactus.This pool had a rope swing, long with the slide, and tiers to jump.The ship.
We didn't get a picture of the top of the water slide when it was running, so this is the best picture I have. One really cool thing about the water slide was when you started coming down it would play music so people at the bottom knew someone was coming and could get out of the way.This was a little play cuddy for the kids to play in. It even had a flat screen tv.
Swimming late into the night.
Indoor Basketball court. Fully air conditioned. I didn't get a picture, but it also had a full gym, amazing equiptment.
Mariachi Band. It really played music when you got near the band.Another pool.
Looking down on a view of the property.Wrestling a gator. It was made of metal, so when Jo first jumped on it, it burned his chest.

These are the three tiers you could jump off. The top one had bee blocked off when we were there. It was so high.Jumping off the cliff. This pool was 14 feet deep.Coming our of the Big water slide. This slide was inside the ship that was on the property. So much fun. You could slide down on the blue pads that you can see in the picture and it would make you go so fast. We rode down in all directions.This had sound and movement just like the ride in Disneyland. He even whistles at the dog.
"Earthquake!"This was one of the pools. It shallowed out like a beach.
In the pool they had this little cave you could go into, and inside was this fish tank. Eva J loved it, everytime we went in she would point and jabber.
Trapped in Jail as my Prisoners.
Eva J coming down the slide with Daddy.
In a battle.Young pirate in training.Having some whisky with Jack Sparo.Looks like the set from Pirates of the Carabian.
Hanging out under the canopy.This little lounge sites on top of one of the houses.Huge teeter totter. He guy that owns the home bought it from an art festival in Park City.Captain Hook, looks like the Captain from the beer bottle.House #1 cont'
House #2 House #3House #4.
Baby hot tub.

Hot tubbing in 100 degree weather.

The view of Lake Mead.
Lounge Chairs were everywhere.

One of the pools, it was right by our room, along with the ice cream machine!
Free ice cream anyone?Enjoying breakfast with me mates'

Chair made of deer antlers.