Friday, August 21, 2009

Las Vegas

On our way back from California we stopped and stayed in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood hotel. Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to vacation. I love the city lights at night, the fact that the city never sleeps, and the shopping! Excuse the ugly hair, the heat in LV makes me sweat like crazy. As soon as I dry the hair, it looks the same as it did as soon as I stepped out of the shower!A not our limo

The hotel is beautiful, with modern design.
One of my favorite shows to watch is CSI. The Las Vegas CSI, and while we were there they were filming in the PH lobby. So these top 2 pictures are one of the guys on the show, and the girl. (The red head, the pictures is really blurry) It was really cool to see. I kept getting in trouble by the hotel security because I was just standing there with Eva J. After the 3rd time, the guy warned me and followed me unitl I was near the exit. Persons under 21 cannot be on the casino floor, but gosh, is my 1 year old going to slip in a coin and win me a million dollars? Highly doubted!He looked like the guy in Oceans 11, I tried to throw a joke at him but I got no response!
We were enjoying a good brunch at the buffet.

These pictures are backwards, but this was the night we got there. We arrived at about 11 and hadn't eaten, so we went walking to find a bite. Excuse the picture in the back ground above Jo. The show at Planet Hollywood is called the Peep Show, Featuring Holly Madison. Explains why it is called Peep Show.
It was a good quick trip.

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Natalie & Chase Gustman said...

eva is so cute looked like a fun trip. I love vacations! It was good seeing you at the salon!