Sunday, November 23, 2008


There is nothing to be ashamed about right! Bad loss, but a good excuse for a get together. Getting together wasn't only for the game, it was also my moms birthday the same day, but what a crummy way to end a HAPPY day!

Game faces, or losing faces? I can't tell.

My dad is what you would call a true blue BYU fan. I think it was the second interception that the U caught, he stood up and said "I'm going home." And he did, he packed up the stuff they brought, packed up my mom and sister, and left. There was no hesitation to finish watching the game!


What a JOKE! On Thursday, we went to see and early showing of Twilight at 7 pm the night before it was actually released for the public! The only problem was, this was the only picture I could capture, as we were standing in this crowded hallway right before you walk into the theater, they announce they won't let any cameras inside the theater! Boy was I MAD! My first thought was to just hid it in one of our trendy large purses, but hey, who knew they were doing purse checks! So I had to run out to the car only to come back and stand in back of the same long line! So this is the only picture I came back with! It's alright, it was worth it for a good movie and good company!

Faculty vs MV B-ball team

Earlier this week Jo was asked to play at meet the team night. They put together a team of faculty and they play b-ball against this years team.

In this picture, he and a 6 ft something teenager crashed on the court getting a little agrssive over the ball. No major injuries though!

His oh so famous PEACE sign, high spirits even though they lost this year.

MV team-20, Faculty-18. Close game.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Huge Post!

If you notice the background, it's Christmas. But those of you who know me, know that it is my favorite holiday, and Christmas can never come too soon. "TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY".

Here are a ton of picutes from the month of October and first of November.

Ciara was baptized and confirmed by Jose on November 1. A long awaited experience!

I just deleted a cute picture of Eva, darn computer! Anyway this is halloween morning, we went up to Shanna's school and paraded around the school with her 2nd graders. Ela and Luke were passing out "high 5's" to all the kids. If you notice below, you can't really tell but Luke is Ela's little side kick. She was Mickey and Luke was Pluto, and Eva Jane was a pumpkin. I was supposed to be a beautiful witch!

Shanna was dressed as a bumble bee, her students call her miss Bumble Bee. And Anna was a hat-less witch.

Jose skipped out of school for a bit to go visit the girls. Ciara was a vampire and Isa was and angel.
Jose and I carved pumkins, and guess whose is who's? Jo was a huge Obama fan this election, so I was watching Rachel Ray one morning and they had celebrity faces that you could print off online and they highlighted Obama on the show, so I printed it off because I knew that he would love it. In the day, it really looked like him, but when it was lit, you couldn't really tell what it was. Mine was a Frankenstein with an underbite of some sort!
Ciara turned 8 on October 12th so the day before we threw her a little Halloween theme party, and all the kids dressed up.

In these two pictures the back ground looks like the house of a cronic smoker, but we don't smoke! We had a fog machine going off trying to set the scary mood!

We had bobbing for apples, painting pumpkins, cup cake decorating, and pin the nose on the pumpkin.
Eva was a cat this night at the party, but about 10 minutes after everyone started she was dead asleep. She couldn't keep her eyes open.
Isa, Ciara, and cousin Alexi

Ela and Ciara