Sunday, November 23, 2008


There is nothing to be ashamed about right! Bad loss, but a good excuse for a get together. Getting together wasn't only for the game, it was also my moms birthday the same day, but what a crummy way to end a HAPPY day!

Game faces, or losing faces? I can't tell.

My dad is what you would call a true blue BYU fan. I think it was the second interception that the U caught, he stood up and said "I'm going home." And he did, he packed up the stuff they brought, packed up my mom and sister, and left. There was no hesitation to finish watching the game!


The Taylors said...

Who's house is that? is it your's?
You're dad really is a die hard fan....I can't think of anyone who is more into BYU football.....other than grandma! haha

Paige Anderson said...

Its so good to see your blog too. You have such a cute family! It looks like you are doing well. I miss our cheer days!