Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Annual California Trip

This is a Huge post, just as a warning. We always spend a couple days during the summer in Califoria, and always have to make a visit to Disneyland. And this was the first time Eva J had gone and been aware of what was happening.
This year, we had Yazmine join us, and it was Angelica's first time ever to Disneyland. (Yazmine is the far left, Jo's niece. And Angelica is to the right of her)

Eva J enjoying a stroll with dad before being tied down in the stroller.
Posing with Nana Alicia. Nana Alicia loves when all the girls come to spend time with her in California.

Eva J with her First mousekateer hat!
We tried to get pictures with all the main characters. The only ones missing is Minnie and Donald. At first Eva J wasn't so sure, she was intimidated by their huge heads. She then realized she didn't mind giving them a friendly pet and the barking at them. She assumed they were all dogs.

Eva J with her cousin Yazmine.

Getting ready for her first ride on the classic Dumbo.

She Loved dumbo just as much as the next child.
Ready for a spin on the Tea Cups.
This was taken after the Tea Cup ride, and she does look a little woosy.
Small World was definatly her favorite. She loved the music.
This year, most of you know the theme for Disney is to celebrate. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, etc. So they have this fun interactive parade that lets the kids participate and dance. In the picture above, she is enjoying the view on dad's shoulders. And below we were out dancing on the street. She loves to dance, but of course right at that moment she was not going to perform.

This was durning the fireworks. Takes her awhile to warm up to the noise.

At the end of the night, we were both so tired. Eva J was nocked out and the girls were still running around with Grandma. So we were trying to keep ourselves awake.

Tuckered out! But man, what a day!
Eva J's first visit to the beach, and only my second. We spent the day at Venice beach. Beautiful!
Look like I have a crooked face.
Eva J and Nana.

Jo was catching this little sand crabs. When the water rushed back, he would dig his hand as deep as he could and come out with two or three almost everytime. Eva J didn't mind putting her hand on them when we showed her what they were.
This was the cuttest thing. The girls burried Eva J in the sand and loved it. She was so excited, pounding, and throwing the sand. She couldn't get enough of it. She was coverd in sand from head to toe, and even large amount in her diaper.
We walked out and took some pictures on the pier. The waves crashing, were huge.
Tired, wet, and sandy.

The last night in California, we went and had dinner with a few of Jo's old high school friends.


[Morgan] said...

yay for the happiest place on earth!
looks like loads of fun.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

fun! did you get in for free for your birthday? don't they do that? Do you have to go on your exact birthday?
Eva is beautiful as always!

Dave and Annamarie Nielson said...

lil beav so cute, wish i had tagged along!

Kim said...

How fun. Eva is getting so big it is crazy! she is such a cutie!