Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating the 4th

we started celebrating the 4th with the traditional Childrens Parade eva jane sporting her shades, and coco
isa and ciara

anna and lucas

she just recently got her bike for her birthday and hated it! we practiced a few days before the parade, and she was riding all by her self. proud of her!

Ballon festival

eva jane and aunt shanna

lucas, eva jane, ela may

know this, this is a love/hate relationship, at this moment it was pure love!

eve and me (still wearing baby fat :)

joey dean quite liked the ballon launch

grandma james and joey dean at the james early morning breakfast

eva jane, allison, kaitlyn (my brothers girls down from idaho, she loved playing with them)

lastly, the bonnett picnic after the parade

digging for money in the saw dust, been a tradition for years done by my grandpa bonnett

wesley miller 1 week old, joey dean 4 weeks old. crazy how fast they grow.

all the grandkids born this year in the bonnett/miller family


Nielson's said...

If you are still wearing baby fat...then what am I wearing? LOL I better nip that in the butt!....

Mrs. Ham said...

glad to see some postings! means your life is back to normal?!! miss you!