Friday, August 12, 2011

St. George Girls Trip

before the baby came we wanted to take a quick trip to St. George before adding another. let me explain the bag of chips, 1st im preggers, 2nd, dill pickle potatoe chips are hard to come by (right Ang) and are sooo good! this is why they are in the center of the picture! we we're haveing lunch before we went hiking around zions national park
without too much detail on the horses, one of the main highlights of heading to zions was the horse back riding. to sum it up, the girls were too small and we're thus longing to take a ride.

the squirls in zion have no fear. alothough the signs say no feeding the animals, people do because they will come right up to you.

this squirl is eating a cracker that he took right of out eva's hand, no fear


while of vacation, sat around, went swimming, and watched movies. for every movie my sister and i picked out, my mom made us watch one of hers. don't get me wrong, i like old movies, but theses were oooold. i always enjoy our trip down.

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