Saturday, February 21, 2009


... Jo turned 34 yrs old. Can you believe it? He can't either!

Jo and his blairing cake, we had dinner at Tucanos with family.

Daddy and Eva
Ciara and Xavier

Isa and Aunt Sally


....... Eva Jane turned 8 months and will be 9 months on March 4th.
Recently..... she has learned how to feed herself cheerios and puffs,
...Learned how to pull herself up to stand,
....Learned how to crawl,
.... And learned how to utlize her crawling ability to make a mess!
...... And lastly, Jo and I were able to go snowboarding yesterday while Eva stayed with her aunts. We hadn't been boarding for about two years because last season I was prego.
So finally we went this year and had a ton of fun! This was the only picture we got, you know how it is to get a picture with both of you when there is no 3rd person to take it.


The Taylors said...

It was fun to see you this last week.....Eva is so darn Pretty! She is so big.... but still so little. I loved her leg warmers on Thursday.... so cute! It makes me excited to have a girl! Can't wait for you to get in the grove of posting more!

Kim said...

I can't believe how old Eva is getting she is still sooooo small in all those pictures! That is crazy! She is such a pretty baby!

Executive Director of Domestics said...

Jose Elder (H)Enriquez (technically not a typo, I promise) is 34!? Man, what happened to the last couple of years!

Eva looks so much like you. I want to chew on her adorable cheeks!

AND the next time you and JoJo need a 3rd person to take pictures of you while your enjoying the white powder on the slopes, think of your 12yr. old friend Janne' :)
I love ya girl!

Dave and Annamarie Nielson said...

Welcome back love! haven't seen you for awhile!

~Morgan~ said...

eva is so DARNed adorable. that top picture of the post is down right darling!