Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Vaca!

the begining of our christmas vaca... jo's family came in from California and Wasington State. their party starts on late christmas eve and most of the presents are open at midnight, except those from santa.


me and eva jane

aleena, gloria and freddy.
david, eva jane, jo, keven
rosy and wolf
eva jane and dad, starting the night off late.
jazzy and alexi
wolf and jazzy
this was the annual Bonnett Enriquez Nielson Thurgood Christmas gift exchange. we go to the mall, exchange names, shop for 10 dollars and under, and finish it off with the gift exchange at ihop.

grandpa and lukie

what better way to spend chiristmas then with family!

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Jonbud said...

Whatever I just glad I home, you crazy woman!